Bake Like a Boss. Don’t Use Items That You Toss.

We’ve all been there. We’re putting the finishing touches on yet another flawless croquembouche, and we stand back to admire the results. “Another masterpiece,” we declare to no one in particular, then post a picture of it to Instagram.

But then, the reality sets in. Look at the mess we’ve made. Aluminum foil all over the place. Parchment paper covered in discarded spun sugar, balls of wadded plastic wrap … it’s a lot.

So we drag out the trash bin and start filling it up.

And then it hits us. This tantalizing tower of tasty puff pastries has put another deep dent in the environment. At least the dessert will be amazing, right?


The Sad, Stark Reality Behind Single-Use Kitchen Products


The fact of the matter is, baking can wreak havoc on the environment simply because of the single-use products and accessories we need to make our culinary creations come to life.


Muffin cup papers and cling wrap


These products are rarely (if ever) recycled. Let’s start with aluminum foil — tin foil, if that’s your style. Every year, 660,000 tons of aluminum foil is produced in the U.S. alone. While this product is technically recyclable, a lot of areas don’t offer that as an option, and in the areas that do recycle it, few people actually take advantage of the service.

We cover things up or line baking pans with it. We crumble it up. We toss it. It’s an extremely wasteful use of a limited resource, and it all it does it take up space in landfills.


Ziploc bag and parchment paper


Parchment paper is another wasteful single-use item we love to use when baking. Up to this point in 2020, 1.75 million Americans have used 10 or more rolls of parchment paper. For just this high-user group, that’s more than 10 million rolls of parchment paper in a single year.

While parchment paper is somewhat reusable, hardly anyone takes the time to clean it and store it for another use. After baking cookies or rolling out dough, it just ends up in the garbage.


Then there’s muffin cups. While there’s no good data to share about their use rate, I think we all understand how prevalent they are in the baking world. And they were created to be thrown away after a single use.

Perhaps the worst offenders of the bunch are the plastics — specifically plastic baggies and plastic wrap. Just looking at sandwich bags alone, 9.71 million Americans used 21 or more plastic bags in 2020, which is more than 203 million plastic baggies total.


And plastic wrap is just as bad, with 5.3 million Americans using 10 or more rolls in 2020, for a total of more than 50 million rolls of plastic wrap.

This plastic ends up spending a lifetime clogging up landfills or fluttering about as litter.

All of this is very depressing to learn. We’re bakers — we create beauty! We bring joy into the lives of others. Every bite is a blessing, every treat is a smile. So what can we do?


Hope Is Not Lost!


There’s an incredible, sustainable, completely reusable alternative that delivers the same (if not better) results as all these single-use kitchen products. Environmentally friendly and easy to use, it’s time to introduce the 24-piece Zero Waste Baker’s Bundle. Here’s what you get:



Net Zero reusable Zero Waste Baker's Bundle 

This ingenious collection of zero-waste goods eliminates the need for any of the old-school products we would just toss in the trash. And to make it even better, the entire bakeware set is nonstick, BPA free and completely nontoxic.

There’s no bleach, dioxins or any other toxic chemicals that are traditionally found in single-use items like baking paper, cupcake liners and more. 

The silicone is food-grade material with absolutely no fillers, so you never have to worry about what you eat after you use the set. And they’re dishwasher safe, so cleanup is always a breeze!



Net Zero stretchy silicone lids


Need to cover something to keep it fresh? No need to buy aluminum foil or plastic wrap when you have stretch-and-seal silicone lids handy. These smartly designed lids fit over bowls and plates, sealing in freshness of your latest batch of homemade cookies.



Net Zero reusable baking mat


And the silicone baking mats work a variety of wonders, essentially replacing your parchment paper forever. Not only do they provide a great space to work on your dough (and roll it out), they also are a great way to line your trays. Cookies and other delectable goods simply slide right off.



Net Zero reusable silicone baking cups 

Never ever ever ever ever use muffin cups again — just turn to the silicone muffin cups included in the set. Your classic muffin recipes and world-class cupcakes pop right out with ease, and there’s no wasteful paper to simply throw away when you’re done.



Net Zero reusable silicone bags


Best of all, you can eliminate the need for plastic baggies with the silicone sealer bags. Each one can be used, washed and used again as many times as necessary. Use them to store anything from small baked goods to children’s lunches and more.


With the Zero Waste Baker’s Bundle, you can tackle any baking job for which you’d normally rely on single-use products. And if this switch makes you want to take things a step further, we have a fantastic list of delicious, easy-to-make, zero-waste snack ideas ready for you to try.

 And, as we do with everything we sell, your purchase guarantees the planting of a new tree, and your order will be shipped in packaging that is 100% compostable and plastic free.

Happy earth-friendly baking!


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