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Contest - Share Positivity & Win a Plastic-Free Lunch Bundle!

Positivity is contagious and we want you to share it!


net zero munchie box and silicone glass coffee cup at a donut shop


We wouldn't be us if we didn't challenge you during the New Year. So here's the challenge: Share the sustainable love with local small businesses!


We want you to celebrate restaurants, bars, cafés and beyond who are on board with sustainable practices. When you're out and a place allows you to use your own mug or container, let's reward them!


Here's what you'll do:

  • Leave a positive review of an establishment that allows you to bring your own reusable mug, container, straw, etc. Any review works (Yelp, Google Reviews, Social Media, Facebook Post, etc.) Tell them how WONDERFUL they are for being on board with reusables.
  • Send a screenshot of the review to or tag us in your post on social media
  • For every review you send us, your name will get put in a draw to win our Plastic Free Lunch Bundle (perfect for on-the-go!)


Let's share positivity with those making an effort to reduce single-use plastic. Not only will you support local vendors, you will also inspire those reading the review to bring their own containers!

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