Silicone takeback program.

Silicone Takeback Program Update

Dear Net Zero Fam,


In 2020, you asked us how to recycle silicone.

In 2021, we rolled out our Silicone Takeback Program.

In 2022, we made this program open to ALL silicone.

Take a peek at some of the well-used silicone that’s been returned to us!


Silicone products returned to Net Zero Co. through silicone takeback program.


By recycling with Terracycle, this material gets to serve another life by tearing, grinding, or melting it to make things like shredded playground mulch, industrial lubricant, or powders for solar panels.

We’re proud to offer this program that supports a circular economy.

By partaking in programs like these, you’re helping tackle global waste challenges, pollution, climate change, and more.


Hand putting well used silicone baking mat into the terracycle box.


While taking back some Silicone Bags, we’ve noticed some opportunities to get more use out of them even if they’re not food-safe anymore.


Here are some ideas:

  • Collect pieces of plastic at the beach

  • Store cords for when you travel

  • Carry coins for the parking meter

  • Store photos and keepsake nick nacks


I repurpose my old makeup brushes for face masks, and my niece loves to use them for pretend makeup!

There are always creative ways to repurpose items outside its original use.

We’re so grateful that our Silicone Takeback Program is well received and used.

We put care into making our products, so why shouldn’t we ensure the care is extended to our products’ end of life?


Hand taking out silicone zip sealers from fridge.


When you support Net Zero Co., you also support initiatives like these to keep our planet clean.

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Silicone Takeback Program

Return any well-used silicone product and let us recycle it for you.