Sustainable Singles Activities For Valentine's Day

Sustainable Singles Activities For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can seem like a time for couples. With all the hearts and flowers, it can sometimes feel frustrating for those who are single, whether they are happily so or not. But single people can embrace the occasion too. Perhaps we should all treat Valentine's Day not as a commercial holiday, but as a time to express true love for ourselves, and for this wonderful planet we call home. 

Reclaim Valentine's Day as a day of love, a day that is not about buying things, but about truly appreciating all that we have. A great place to start could be with these sustainable single activities that make it easy and fun for you to go it alone. 



Commune With Nature


Picnic with Net Zero travel set 

Being single does not mean being alone. But there is something to be said for spending time alone from time to time. Rather than feeling blue about going solo, why not embrace solitude. Being on your own out in a beautiful, natural environment can make it easier to connect with the natural world around you. It can help you feel calmer, more grounded, and more at peace. 

Take a hike, ride a bike, kayak, canoe, or take a wild swim. Climb a hill and admire the views, or find a beautiful spot to gaze out over the ocean. Head into the forest and spend time with the trees, or feel the grains of sand between your toes. Take a nature bathe, and truly take time to appreciate Mother Earth and all her wonders. 



Start a Grow Your Own Garden


Gardening mini pots


Whether you have a garden or not, this could also be a great time to consider starting to grow your own food at home. Planting some seeds and watching them grow can be a really rewarding experience, and setting up a new growing area, inside or outdoors, could be a wonderful way for you to spend your day – planning and preparing to enjoy your new garden over the months to come. 

Starting to grow your own food is a great way to show that you care for this planet we call home. And can also be important in setting up systems for self-love and self-care in the years to come. When you grow your own food at home, you'll find it easier to eat well, and stay healthy in body and mind. 



Learn Another New Skill or Take Up a Sustainable New Hobby


Knitting a sweater


Gardening is not the only skill that you could hone to become more sustainable and show your love for planet earth. Taking the day this Valentine's Day to enrol in an interesting online course, or take up a new hobby could be a great idea. For example, you could learn age old crafts like knitting, sewing, woodworking or basketry. You could learn how to upcycle and reuse old items. Or you could find inspiration with new artistic and creative pursuits. 



Treat Yourself To A Special Meal



Dining alone need not be a functional affair. Many of can be guilty of just eating because we have to, and not bothering with any ceremony when we are eating alone. But it does not have to be rushed and boring. Even if you won't have any company, you could dine finely. Set a table, and take some time to truly think about creating a delicious meal. Cook from scratch, with fresh, local, seasonal and ideally organic ingredients. Then sit down to enjoy the meal, taking your time and enjoying the treat. 



Pamper Yourself With Natural Cleaning and Beauty Products



Whatever you do during the day, whether you are on your own or spend time with family or friends, take some time in the evening hours to pamper yourself a little this Valentine's Day. For example, you could turn your bathroom and bedroom into an eco-friendly luxury spa. Invest in (or make) some natural, sustainable cleaning and beauty products, get the zero waste bathroom items you need, light some eco-friendly beeswax candles, perhaps, and relax in the tub – Perhaps ending the evening snuggled up under some natural organic cotton covers with a good book.

These are just a few simple ideas that show how you could express your love to yourself, and to our planet this Valentine's Day. 

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