Sustainable and Useful Laundry Hacks for Lazy People

Sustainable and Useful Laundry Hacks for Lazy People

Let's face it, doing your laundry can be a bore. None of us want to spend hours sorting, washing and ironing. So here are some simple laundry hacks for lazy people that will allow you to save time and effort (while still doing the right thing for people and planet):



Choose Sustainable Clothes That Need Laundering Less Often


While this may not help you right away, lazy people will certainly appreciate not having to worry about their clothes as often. Synthetic clothing made from materials like polyester do dry more quickly, and don't need to be ironed as often. But a wardrobe filled with clothes made from natural, sustainable materials is definitely easier to handle overall. 

Choose clothing made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, linen, hemp etc. will mean that you can often pop it all in a machine at the same time, and won'y have to worry as much about separating all your clothes. Since natural materials are breathable too, they won't make you as hot and bothered, and often won't need to be washed as often. 


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Don't Do Laundry More Often Than you Need To


Many people make the mistake of wearing clothes once and then washing them. But washing clothes a little less frequently won't usually mean that you smell bad – no one will be able to tell if you get a little extra wear out of them before you pop them in the machine. Baking soda will deodorize clothes that need freshening up a little. And laundering them less frequently will often mean that they last that little bit longer. 


Net Zero Laundry Detergent Strips 


Choose a Simple, Sustainable, Zero-Waste Laundry Solution


Who wants to spend hours shopping for laundry detergents, fabric softeners etc, when you can wash your clothes easily and effectively using a single strip of laundry detergent? Do away with all the unnecessary plastic bottles and opt for an easier, more sustainable laundry regime. Net Zero Laundry Strips help you to eliminate the all the hassle while reducing more than 90% of laundry waste!

Net Zero Strips deliver a powerful clean every time that:

  • Eliminates tough stains
  • Keeps colors bright
  • Restores whites
  • Works in all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency (HE)

And since no toxic chemicals are going into your laundry, no toxic chemicals are being flushed out into the water supply.

The only thing easier than switching to Net Zero Strips is doing your laundry. No measuring, no mess, just add a strip to your washer or detergent dispenser!

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Wash Clothes at Lower Temperatures to Avoid Delicates Disasters and Reduce the Need For Separate Washes


Washing clothes at lower temperatures is an eco-friendly choice. You'll use less energy. But washing at lower temperatures can make things easier for you too. When you wash at lower temperatures, this will help avoid destruction of more delicate clothes and make them last longer. It will also mean less sorting and fewer loads, which will make things easier for you. 


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Make Full Use of an Outdoors Drying Line


You might think that air drying clothes takes a lot more work than drying in a machine. But in addition to saving energy and being an eco-friendly choice, line drying can also save time and effort later on. Clothes hung on a line will be naturally UV treated, and will stay brighter and fresher for longer. They will also often need less ironing, or no ironing at all. So it's a win win for our planet, and for lazy people. 


Make the switch today for a sustainable future and the environment!


Make the switch to Net Zero laundry strips

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