The Last Razor You'll Ever Buy can be a Safety Razor

This is the Last Razor You'll Ever Need

Those who are trying to move towards a zero waste lifestyle and live more sustainably often look back in time for inspiration. Shaving is one area where taking a backward looking approach can make sense. There is much about our modern world that our ancestors would be amazed and awed by. But all the plastic handled disposable razors and harsh, polluting shaving products on the market would likely fill them with confusion. They would no doubt agree that shaving with a double edged safety razor is a far better choice!


Why Shaving With an Eco-friendly Double Edged Safety Razor is a Good Idea

A net zero double edged safety razor can be a great addition to a zero waste bathroom. Disposable plastic handled razors are a travesty. They are virtually impossible to recycle and the EPA has estimated that 2 billion are thrown away each year. They and their disposable cartridges come packaged in a lot of plastic too. All those polymers are polluting to produce, and often end up in landfill, or in wider environments.


Replace Disposable Razors with A Safety Razor

Step aside, single-use razor!


Bamboo handled double edged safety razors are a far less wasteful proposition. The only part of the product that is not reused is the blade (but you can collect them in a can and recycle it!).


collect old razor blades in a jar to recycle

We repurposed an old kombucha jar to make this razor blade holder. Just a simple insert slit on the lid did the trick! When it’s filled (which may take forever!), check out you local blade recycling facilities to drop it off! 


The rest of the razor will last for years and years. This means it is not only better for the planet, but can also save you money too! You know we’re all about those win-wins.


Inserting a razor blade on a double edge safety razor


What Do You Need To Get a Good Net Zero Shave?

First of all, of course, you will need the razor itself. The double edged safety razor has a bamboo handle and a metal head that holds the razor's blade in place. As the name suggests, you can use both sides of the blade exposed for shaving, before giving it a rinse under water.

For lubrication, water can be enough. But most people prefer to use a moisturizing product that will facilitate the smooth movement of the blade. You can avoid purchasing a shaving cream altogether by just using what you have in your home. Olive oil and coconut oil make great natural lubricants! Plus, it’s a healthy alternative that is rich in antioxidants and nourishing to the skin, while saving yourself from artificial scents and chemicals in typical creams that leave your skin feeling itchy and dry. It’s a Net Zero beauty tip!


Coconut Oil in Net Zero Snack Town Triad Container

Coconut oil is great to use on the body. Use olive or jojoba oil for the face.


Don’t forget to moisturize your skin afterwards to prevent any irritation or dry skin.


How To Shave With a Double Edged Safety Razor

It may seem a little daunting to use one of these if you are used to disposable razors. But if you take your time and be careful as you get used to it, it is easier than you might think. You can use one of these razors on any part of your body—from peach fuzz to bikini areas!

  • Wet your skin and lather up your lubricant (oil, hair conditioner, bar of soap, or just water)
  • Hold the razor at around 30 degrees to the skin and, without applying downwards pressure, gently pull the razor across your skin, holding the skin taut. The weight of the razor is enough to get good contact.
  • Shave slowly, in small areas, going with the grain initially. If necessary, take a second pass going against the grain in areas with less sensitive skin. If you are doing a second pass, reapply the soap first to ensure a smooth glide.


Shaving Hair with a Double Edged Safety Razor in a 30 degree or 45 degree angle

Allow the weight of the razor to guide the movement. Do not tug on the skin.


Taking Care of Your Razor

Caring for your razor after you shave only takes a minute, but is important to make them last. Simply unscrew and pat the razor and blade dry after each use. Store in a dry place.


Once you get the hang of it, you will never be tempted to go back to harmful, polluting (and expensive!) disposable razors again. Hair we are... shaving landfills from plastic waste!


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