What Are Laundry Strips? And How to Use Them

What Are Laundry Strips? And How to Use Them

Living a more sustainable and zero waste lifestyle means thinking carefully about all our habits – from what we eat, to what we wear, to how we wash our clothes... Making eco friendly product swaps and thinking more carefully about what we buy really can make a big difference. Laundry strips are one product that we can choose. They can be a great product swap for traditional liquid laundry detergents.

Washing less, and washing more wisely are key strategies for sustainable living. There are a number of things you can do to overhaul your laundry routine. Choosing laundry strips rather than liquid detergents could be a good place to start.


Net Zero laundry strips


What Are Laundry Strips?


Laundry strips are concentrated, pre-measured strips of laundry detergent. Each strip is just right for one wash, and the strips come fragrance free or with a 'fresh breeze' scent that is the same smell as TruEarth 'fresh linen'.  These can be bought in plastic-free packs of 32 or 64 strips. If you launder daily, that is a month or two of washes.

Moving closer to zero waste and living a more sustainable lifestyle can sometimes seem like a challenge. But products like laundry strips make it simple, easy and straightforward to change your life for the better.



Why Are Laundry Strips A Good Alternative to Traditional Liquid Detergent?


Many people buy traditional liquid detergent. But choosing these products can cause a range of problems for people and our planet. Switching away from traditional liquid laundry detergent in plastic bottles and choosing laundry strips instead can help avoid a range of problems. Making this switch means:

  • Avoiding harmful chemicals that are often present in traditional liquid detergents.
  • And the issues they can bring not only for the environment but also for those with sensitive skin.
  • Reducing the amount of plastic we bring into our homes, and therefore the amount of plastic waste we generate. Thereby helping us move closer to zero waste and play a role in tackling our planet's global plastic waste crisis, and reducing the greenhouse gases associated with plastic production.
  • Reducing, too, the greenhouse gases associated with transportation. Laundry strips are a lot smaller and lighter than traditional liquid laundry soap options. This means fewer trucks on the road, using less fuel. Making this switch can reduce transportation pollution by up to 94%.
  • The lighter laundry strips also mean no more lugging heavy detergent bottles home from the store, and no need for them to take up space in your home.

Net Zero Laundry Strips


The Benefits of Our Laundry Strips


By now, you should be getting a much clearer picture of why traditional liquid laundry detergents are not usually a good idea. But why should you choose our laundry strips as an alternative?

Well, our laundry strips have a wide range of benefits. They are not only light and portable, and therefore, as described above, a more eco-friendly and sustainable choice. They are also kind on your skin, and do just as good a job of cleaning your clothes as liquid laundry soaps do.

They're also more practical. They are easier to move around and to store in your home. So generally make your life a whole lot easier.

The strips dissolve instantly in cold water, there is no residue. And, as an added bonus, you can even make them stretch further by ripping them into smaller strips for smaller loads.

Net Zero Laundry Strips are:

  • Ultra-concentrated and hypoallergenic.
  • Paraben free.
  • Phosphate free.
  • Free from Chlorine bleach.
  • Contain no added dyes.
  • Have been certified independently to be free from 1,4-dioxane.
  • Readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 310D.
  • A vegan product, with no animal-derived products or testing on animals at any stage in the supply chain.


Better for you, better for the environment – these laundry strips really are win-win for humanity and our planet. There really is no reason why you should not make this product switch and consider moving away from harmful plastic jugs of liquid laundry detergent for good.

Laundry strips are not the only option for a more sustainable laundry routine. But they certainly are one fantastic option to consider.


Net Zero Laundry Strips


How to Use Net Zero Laundry Strips


Laundry strips are no more difficult to use than traditional liquid detergents. In fact, we would argue that they are actually a little easier. There is no measuring and no mess. There are no complex instructions. Literally all you have to do is toss a strip into each wash. These work in all washing machines, whether they load from the front or the top. So there really is no excuse not to give them a go.

Net Zero Laundry Strips guideline:

2 Strips for a heavy soiled load
1 Strip for a normal/regular load
1/2 of a strip for a small load

Watch this video for more of visual instruction on how to use Net Zero Laundry Strips!


So the next time you think about reaching for a traditional liquid laundry detergent – think again. Laundry strips are just one of several much better alternatives that are available.

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