Glass Coffee Mug with Silicone Lid and Sleeve

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Now You Can Caffeinate And Conquer With These Trendy Travel And Eco-Friendly Glass Coffee Cups!

Fortunately for all of us early birds, doing our part to make environmentally friendly decisions, don’t mean necessarily having to give up the things we love!

Take for instance these borosilicate glass mugs that are perfect for getting your tea or caffeine fix during busy mornings. With the room to hold up to 12 ounces of your preferred liquid, these mugs fit nicely in your car’s cupholder and even feature a silicone sleeve to prevent you from burning your fingers on hot beverages.

And since they’re dishwasher friendly, these glass mugs with lids can be reused a countless number of times, meaning you’ll no longer have to mess with disposable plastic bottles or cups.



More on these good lookin’ sippers:

  • The body is made of quality borosilicate glass, which has unbeatable durability in the glassware field
  • The heat protecting sleeve and lid are made with food-grade silicone
  • Holds 12oz / 350mL
  • Make every sip an aesthetically pleasing experience at the café, in the car, or at your desk
  • Comes in a marine design tube that was made to be repurposed in your life. Think about all the marine lives you are saving by choosing to reuse! Go you.
  • Makes a great eco-friendly gift for that café hopping coffee/tea lover in your life


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