Silicone Baking Duo - Set of Baking Mats and Dozen Baking Cups


Plants a Tree

Happiness Guaranteed

Carbon Neutral

Plastic-Free Shipping


Rid Your Kitchen of Disposables One Meaningful Batch at a Time

No more parchment paper, aluminum foil, or single-use baking cups needed. This money-saving bundle is a no-brainer!

Made of FDA Approved, Food-Grade Silicone

No BPA, phthalates, or fillers in here. bake chic and stylish in your kitchen while you’re reducing your impact!

Easy to Use and Clean

Kick back, because the non-stick surface of the silicone makes your life a whole lot easier. Hand wash or dishwash. Your kitchen, your rules.

Featured Net Zero Fam Review

The perfect swaps for the kitchen!

I was tired of spending money on parchment paper that gets thrown away and put in the landfill. I wanted something that would be an investment that's good for the environment and better for my kitchen! These are JUST THAT!

- Jennifer K.