Double Edge Safety Razor With Bamboo Handle

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Looking to Achieve a Silky Smooth Shave Without Nicking the Environment in the Process?

Regardless of whether you’re looking to trim the hedges, whack the weeds, or scratch the scruff, This double edge safety razor offers you a convenient way to perfect your grooming regimen, all while producing ZERO waste!
Did you know, that traditional plastic razors are virtually impossible to recycle and as such, end up in our landfills and oceans? It’s true!
Which is why it is SO important to consider sustainable shaving options that allow you to eliminate plastic waste as you instead simply switch out your blades when they become dull.
Made from a gorgeous and smooth bamboo handle, you’ll have your choice of chic rose gold or timeless silver detailing, both of which look like a piece of stunning décor in any bathroom.


Here's our Safety Razor 101:


Why these safety razors win hearts:
  • These babies last a lifetime. So you never have to worry about buying another disposable razor again… just replace the head
  • Double edge razor head allows you to use two sides of razer-ing before rinsing. Yay for efficacy!
  • Looks marvelous in your bathroom
  • To use, simply allow the weight of the razors guide you down the flow of hair
  • Care: Dry off after use and store in dry conditions


Double Edge Safety Razor With Bamboo Handle | Buy Safety Razor Online

Double Edge Safety Razor With Bamboo Handle | Buy Safety Razor Online


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