Farmer’s Market Bundle

  • $99.99
  • $114.95

Now You Can Rock Any Produce or Bulk Section In Total Eco Chic With Our Fabulous Farmer’s Market Bundle Of Goodies!


Featuring our most popular eco-friendly and reusable bags, this bundle provides environmentally savvy fashionistas everywhere with the bags they NEED to safely and comfortably tote any variety of goods!

From our minimalist yet spacious Cotton Tote with Pockets with a "not a plastic bag" statement, and another with a Polar Bear Fishing design to our 5 piece Muslin Bags, Double Handed Net Tote, and 5 piece Produce Mesh Bag assortment, this all-in-one set will gift you with a versatile array of bags that make stocking up on your weekly assortment of fresh produce, delicious pastries, homemade delicacies, and so much more easy breezy and oh-so-eco-friendly!

Who ever knew hitting up the farmer’s market could make you feel (and look!) so fab?



Shop fresh groceries with these goodies:


cotton produce mesh bags lifestyle - in cart

cotton produce mesh bags lifestyle - avocado

cotton tote bag with pockets lifestype - not a plastic bag 2

cotton tote bag with pockets lifestyle - polar bear fishing plastic bag

double handle net bag lifestyle - pumpkin