Sustainable Kitchen Food Storage Bundle

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Stop Wasteful Sandwich Bags, Foil, And Those Cheap Plastic Food Containers Fast In Their Tracks With This Sustainable Kitchen Food Storage Bundle!


A must for mamas, homemakers, meal preppers, and essentially anyone who gets down in the kitchen, this set will give you the goods you need to keep food fresh and your waste to a minimum!

Featuring a variety of sizes of our super popular Silicone Sealer Bags, Stretch and Seal Lids Set with 6 Sizes, and Beeswax Wraps with 3 sizes in 3 differently styled packs, you’ll have all that you need to meal prep, pack a lunch, store leftovers, and more!

Food will be sealed in airtight containers, as well as breathable fabric with the wraps, to ensure maximum freshness and prevent leaks and spills. But, best of all? With the ability to simply wash and reuse every item, you can give your wallet a break and waste output a serious reduction over time.



More about these fresh food savers:


6 pack stretch and seal silicone lids set

beeswax wraps lifestyle - pink beachside oatmeal

beeswax wraps lifestyle - blue underwater lime lemon

silicone sealer lifestyle - large tomato sauce

silicone sealer lifestyle - medium green beans

silicone sealer lifestyle - small dishwasher

silicone sealer lifestyle - small lemon


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