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Halitosis, no more. Our waste-free tongue scraper walks the talk.

Improve your taste senses with a healthy oral care routine and keep yourself from getting breath-taxed.

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper - Plastic-Free Tongue Cleaner


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Feel & Look Clean With Daily Mouth Care

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Better than your toothbrush at ridding your tongue of bad bacteria.

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Simple Cleaning

Easy cleaning is a part of Net Zero Co. Product Design Guidelines.

How We Compare

. Net Zero Co. Tongue Scraper Typical Tongue Scraper Other "Eco" Tongue Scraper
Plastic-Free 304 Grade Stainless Steel Plastic Metal
Quality Build Bamboo Handle + Solid Metal Handle Bendy Handle Folded Sheet Metal
Eco-Friendly Packaging Kraft Box Plastic Bag Plastic / Paper
End-of-Life Recyclable Tossed Every 3 Months Recyclable

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Love it

I can’t believe I was never using a tongue scraper before this. This leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean, and I love that it’s planet friendly. Definitely worth it!

- Caitlin H.

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Pair It With A Safety Razor

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