Travel Soap Tin - For Storing Soap & Shampoo Bars

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There’s a little place your soap can always call home…

You love to travel, you love to get to your hotel, and you love those little disposable soap bottles. Hang on…

Read us that last one again! 

You don’t want those plastic bottles by your side when it’s time to relax — you want your tried and trusted eco friendly best buddy.

We know that. You know that. And now your soap will know it too when you treat it to a little bit of the VIP treatment.

Just pick it up, pop it into its new travel soap tin, and then pop it in your bag as you both hit the road the eco way.

Not only that, but because our metal soap tins make for the perfect gift, you can show that disposable plastic lover in your life just how good sustainable living can be.

Perfect for when you want to make everything that little bit better…


Here’s why you (and your soap!) will love it:

  • Looks beautiful in your shower
  • Plastic-free container
  • Compact for travel
  • Protects your soap and hair bars from water


 Travel tin for shampoo and conditioner bars or soap.

Travel tin for shampoo and conditioner bars or soap

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