Zero Waste Natural Deodorant - with Compostable Packaging


Plants a Tree

Happiness Guaranteed

Carbon Neutral

Plastic-Free Shipping

Why You'll Love It
Care & How To Use

Why You'll Love It

Hand pushing natural deodorant up

Smell the Effectiveness

Or don’t smell it (with our scent-free option)! Formulated with activity in mind to naturally neutralize odors.

Woman applying deodorant

Thin Application Goes A Long Way

Glides on nicely with no residue or grease behind. Long lasting for a long day.

Woman with Net Zero Co. plastic free deodorant

Safe for the Body and Environment

Aluminum-free for skin health. Feel good about zero-waste packaging.

Why Aluminum-Free Matters

😌 Unclogged armpit pores

🦨 Block odors, not sweat

✨ Moisturized & healthier armpit skin

Featured Net Zero Fam Review

The best natural deodorant out there!

I have tried every brand I could order online or buy in stores, from Lume to Native and everything in between. Nothing works well enough, no matter the weeks and months of trial. This smells absolutely wonderful and at the end of a hot summer day, I still smell good, no stink! It is a little harder to apply because of the compostable packaging, but totally worth it to rid the world of some plastic waste!

- Ally

How We Compare

. Net Zero Co. Deodorant Typical Deodorant Brand 'N' Brand 'L'
Eco-Friendly Packaging Paper Tube Plastic Shelled Tube Plastic Shelled Tube Paper Bag
No Artificial Fragrance
Made in North America Made in USA Made in Canada Made in USA
Aluminum & Paraben-Free