Diatomaceous Earth Soap Dish - Absorbent Dish for Shampoo Bars and Soap

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The perfect home to rest your face, hair and body bars in-between uses!


You won’t believe your eyes…this ultra-absorbent dish dries out excess moisture and soap sludge within minutes. Place any face bar, body bar or hair bar on top and watch the antibacterial diatomaceous earth work its magic!

Our mold-resistant Diatomaceous Earth Soap Dish keeps your soap bars in tip-top shape while preventing the build-up of moisture and sogginess in your shower. It’s a tried-and-true eco-hack to keep your bathroom clean and residue-free!

Hot tip: use the Diatomaceous Earth Soap Dish in your kitchen and pair it with our Plant Based Cleaning Brushes to keep them dry.


Why you'll love it:

  • 100% diatomaceous earth
  • Highly absorbent and porous
  • Lightweight, but durable
  • Sleek, minimal design
  • Protects your hair, face and body bars (no sogginess!)
  • Soap won’t slip or slide away


End of life: break it into pieces and spread it over soil in your garden. Diatomaceous earth is a great natural pesticide and can help to get rid of unwanted insects!

Care: Scrub with a soft sponge and soap. Rinse with water and allow to dry naturally.


Net Zero Co. absorbent diatomaceous earth soap dish.

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