Double Handle Cotton Net Market Tote Bag

  • $18.99
  • $18.99

Cut Down on Waste and Snag the Freshest Produce in Our Reusable Grocery Bags, 2019’s Must-Have Bag for Eco Trendsetters!

This just in… one-use plastic and paper bags are SO out, while French String Net Bags are SO in! Now, you can significantly cut back on your waste with every trip to the farmer’s market, grocer, convenience store, or anywhere else with this minimalistic and chic reusable mesh bag!
Featuring a longer shoulder handle and shorter regular handle, you’ll be able to carry this mesh bag in a variety of ways, allowing you to adjust as the weight inside the bag increases.
Eco friendly and durable enough to support even the heaviest food items, this is one bag that is helping to keep landfills clean and kitchens fully stocked!


More about this eco fashion statement of a bag:
  • One of these numbers replaces countless single-use plastic bags
  • Double straps means it’s the best of both worlds! Use it as a handbag or an over-the-shoulder bag
  • Thick, durable 100% organic cotton straps and netting insure that you can put anything you want (you can stuff it with cans and it won’t break a sweat or string!)
  • Quality material ensures ultimate stretching and flexibility for your items


Cotton Net Market Tote Bag | Reusable Market Tote Bags
Cotton Net Market Tote Bag | Reusable Market Tote Bags
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