Zero Waste Bathroom Bundle

  • $97.99

Think Going Green Means Having To Compromise Your Beauty Routine? No Way Beauty Queen!


Now, you can give your bathroom the eco-friendly makeover it’s been DYING for with our exclusive Zero Waste Bathroom Bundle that features all of your essentials in one convenient set.

From our eco chic toothbrush pack that features super soft bristles, to our 12 colorful bamboo cotton rounds that make removing makeup oh-so-easy, and even our antibacterial Bamboo Hairbrush, we’ve got the goods you need to feel fresh and clean and responsibly green!

And when it comes time to stop stubble fast in its tracks? Fret not because our bamboo handle Safety Razor and pack of 20 double edged razor blades will have your skin feeling soft and silky with their platinum coated stainless steel body that lasts WAY longer than their cheap plastic counterparts.

Ready to discover how beautiful it feels to get clean AND live green?



You can say goodbye to the disposables in your washroom (and save money) with these numbers:


bamboo toothbrush lifestyle - close up wave

bamboo hairbrush lifestyle - brushing hair

bamboo cotton rounds lifestyle - in washroom

double edge safety razor lifestyle - razors with aloe

double edge safety razor lifestyle - rose gold with razor blade

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