Plant Based Cleaning Brush Set - Set of 5 Plastic-Free Brushes

  • $29.99

Ready To Clean Like A Mean, Green, Hygienic Machine? With Our Chic And Minimalistic Eco Friendly Brush Set, Now You Can!


Ideal for dishes, the bathroom, veggies, and so much more… this gorgeous assortment of wooden handle brushes will help you say “so long” to dirt and grime and “hello” to a cleaner home with less waste!

With an Oval Scrubbing Brush that is versatile enough to clean anything from the tub to the counter, to a Dish Washer Brush, a Pot Scrubber Brush, a Bottle Brush, and even a Vegetable Brush, you’ll be well on your way to keeping mess to a minimum and reducing your waste output at the same time!

Even better? These vegan brushes were made specifically to last through even the toughest cleanings and are comprised of 100% plant based fibers! Who ever knew plants could be so tough on grease, grime, and filth?



Brushing up on the details:

  • 5 brushes – oval scrubbing brush, dish washer, pot scrubber, vegetable brush, and a bottle brush
  • Made of 100% plant fibers, completely plastic-free!
  • Vegan friendly
  • Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms


plastic free plant based vegetable cleaning brush  hang to dry - 1000 x 1000

Care: After use, dry by hanging up the brushes or standing on the bristles so moisture flows out of bristle base.


vegan vegetable cleaning brush lifestyle  - 1000 x 1000

plastic free plant based dish washer cleaning brush  - 1000 x 1000

plastic free plant based pot scrubbing cleaning brush washing pan - 1000 x 1000

eco friendly oval cleaning brush lifestyle kitchen counter  - 1000 x 1000

plastic free bottle cleaning brush in kitchen - 1000 x 1000

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