2 Pack Straw Cleaning Brush

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Say “So Long” To Dirty Straws And “Hello” To Sanitary Sipping Bliss!

While reusable straws make a great alternative to single use plastic and paper straws… let’s not pretend that they don’t get seriously dirty!

So, how do you keep your straws in tip top shape? Simply use one of these reusable straw cleaning brushes! Perfect for cleaning those hard to reach places, these straw cleaners provide a quick and effortless solution to removing even the most stubborn beverage buildup. And with a small metal loop, you can easily hang these straw cleaners for quick access!

Simple, effective, and easy to store, these straw cleaners make keeping your reusable straws sanitary a total breeze!


More on these sparkle makers:
  • Durably constructed with a high quality 304 stainless steel body and nylon bristles
  • Fits inside Net Zero Co. stainless steel drinking straws
  • The loop on the bottom can be used to hang dry


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