Double Edge Safety Razor - With Bamboo Handle


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Why You'll Love It
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Why You’ll Love It

Net Zero Co. safety razors next to bathtub.

Smooth, sturdy shave for buttery soft skin

Get a clean, close shave with blades that don’t vibrate as you run it through. The secret to the sturdiness in the weight and grip.

Net Zero Co. safety razor showing stainless steel razor blade inside.

Economical by design

Save money by only buying stainless steel replacement blades. Blades sold seperately. Recycle the dull blades at a local facility.

Net Zero Co. safety razor next to packaging.

Beautiful lifetime choice

Built to look pleasing in your bathroom and feel amazing in your hands. Choosing reusables over disposables has never been so easy!

How We Compare

. Net Zero Co. Safety Razor Typical Razors Biodegradable Razors
Minimal Waste Single Blade Replaced as Component Disposed Entirely
Plastic-Free Metal + Bamboo
Eco-Friendly Packaging Kraft Paper Plastic Clamshell Packaging
End-of-Life Metal Recycling Needs Ideal Environment

Featured Net Zero Fam Review

Net Zero Co. safety razors next to aloe plant.

This is the third safety razor I’ve tried

This is the third safety razor I’ve tried and I’ve finally found one that’s perfect! It doesn’t cut my skin because the blades aren’t loose and don’t vibrate and the handle is comfortable for easy movement. Great quality. I’m so happy with it!

- Amber D.