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Nothing Short Of A Triple Threat, Our Eco Starter Bundle Is Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, And Undeniably Minimalistic Chic By Design!


Perfect for the babe dying to go green once and for all, our Eco Starter Bundle provides everything you need to make the switch as easily and quickly as possible! And with an assortment of everyday necessities, you’ll be well on your way to living life like a TRUE green-collar goddess.

Tackle errands, the grocery store, and any farmer’s market like a seasoned pro with our “Not a Plastic Bag” cotton tote with pockets and cotton produce bags. Additionally, you’ll be able to store any and all leftovers, meal prepping, and more with our 4 piece silicone sealer bags with 3 different sizes.

And when it comes to cutlery and utensils? No problem! Enjoy your lunches with our adorable yet functional folding spork, your coffee and hot drinks with a blogger chic borosilicate glass coffee cup with silicone lid and sleeve, and other beverages through a 4 piece Stainless steel straw set.

And because you should NEVER have to compromise on your own health for the sake of going green, you can keep your teeth pearly white and sparkling clean with our 4 piece toothbrush set that features a gorgeous bamboo handle and soft bristles!



Meet the products that make the journey to zero waste simpler:


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cotton tote bag with pockets lifestype - not a plastic bag

Eco Starter Bundle  Zero Waste Starter Kit  Sustainable Products

large silicone food storage bag freezer bag

silicone sealer lifestyle - sizes dishwasher

silicone sealer lifestyle - small nuts at forest

4 pc straw lifestyle - iced coffee close up

bamboo toothbrush lifestyle - in washroom

folding spork lifestyle - folded

silicone glass coffee cup lifestyle - blue and grey

silicone glass coffee cup lifestyle - green 2

silicone glass coffee cup lifestyle - pink 1

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