Portable Telescopic Straw with Keychain Case and Cleaning Brush

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Sip In Eco-Friendly Style Anywhere And Everywhere With This Portable Straw!

Regardless of whether you’re meeting a girlfriend at a café for some cold brew and gossip or heading out for happy hour with coworkers after a long day at the office, this trendy and travel friendly collapsible straw with keychain, provides an excellent sipping solution!

If you’re anything like most people, chances are you hate drinking things like cocktails, coffee drinks, and smoothies without a straw. But what you hate even more? Harming the environment!

Fortunately, you can sip pretty with this reusable straw that offers a lifetime of uses and comes complete with a brush cleaner and carabiner.

Available in Space Grey and Rose Gold, this adjustable straw can fit any glass, making it fabulous to have on hand for any occasion! You can leave your bulky stainless steel straws at home and slip this in (or on) your bag instead! Suck sensibly.

Let’s lay down the facts about these telescopic wonders:
  • It doesn’t get more portable than this, a 4.5in / 11.5cm long case with a carabiner keychain to clip anywhere or easily slip in your bag for your on-the-go sipping
  • High quality stainless steel straw extends to 9.3in / 23.5cm
  • Comes with a stainless steel telescopic cleaner with nylon bristles, that fits inside the straw during transport
  • The case is made of aluminum, making it light!
  • Makes a great gift to spread the sustainable message. Have a plastic-free cheers together!



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telescopic straw lifestyle - in drinks at resteraunt


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