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With This Savvy Sustainable Snacking Set, It’s Never Been Easier To Keep Your Snack Attack From Becoming An Attack On Our Planet!


It happens to the best of us…

One minute we swear we’re full and the next? Hunger in the form of a late afternoon or late night craving kicks in leaving us desperate to get out hands on our favorite go-to snacks!

Fortunately, with our Sustainable Snacking Set, you can prep and take snacks with you on-the-go without producing any waste!

Our adorable Petite Munchie Box, Folding Spork with cotton pouch, and Snack Town Triad offer everything you need to store your favorite nuts, crackers, fruit, and more in snack sized containers that keep food fresh and your waste output to a minimum!

Gone are the days of throwing out plastic wrap, baggies, foil, and the like, because now? You’ll be snacking in eco chic style!



Top tip: Always have a snack on you. Warning: You might get hungry, getting reminded of what's inside these pretty snackers:

petite munchie box lifestyle - dipping veggies

snack boss trio lifestyle - macadamia nut

folding spork lifestyle - with quinoa

folding spork lifestyle - jute bag with turtle


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