Silicone Sealer Bag Set - 4 Pack Reusable Food Storage Bag


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Carbon Neutral

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Care & How To Use

One of the Best Ways to Reduce Single-Use Plastic

Replace flimsy zip seal baggies for good with this simple swap. To use, slide the topper across the side with the triangle emboss.

Made of FDA-Approved, food-grade silicone with no BPA, phthalates, or fillers in sight.

Heat and Cold Resistant

Freeze your leftovers, then microwave them to defrost. Why add a step when you don’t need to? We like to keep things intuitive here at Net Zero Co.

Safe for sous vide.

Sturdy Quality with a Leak Proof Seal

Divide up bulk foods from the grocery store and pop them in the fridge. The airtight seal keeps food fresh, and a worry-free carry-on for travel. Made of thick and durable silicone, ready to outlast its counterparts.

Easy to Clean

Flip inside out and hand wash or pop them in your dishwasher. Your kitchen, your rules.

Featured Net Zero Fam Review

Woman Putting Cookie In Reusable Food Storage Bag For Freezer Net Zero Co.

Absolutely love these!!

I received these as a present last year and they’ve made such a big difference in my kitchen! They are constantly in use, and I can’t imagine how many plastic bags we have saved. They’re great for produce, snacks on the go, even hot soup! For Christmas this year I bought a pack for my friend that’s trying to start their zero waste journey!

- Amanda S.

How We Compare

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Durable Thick Silicone Thin-Walled Plastic Thick Plastic or Glass
Accident Proof Tightly Sealed with a Slider Prone to Exploding Prone to Shattering
Recyclable Silicone Takeback Program