Zero Waste Laundry Kit - 64 Loads Net Zero Strips & Wool Dryer Balls (20% OFF)

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Ready to make your laundry the greenest part of your day? 


With a little help from a laundry kit unlike any other, your laundry routine will be a walk in the park while also making Mother Nature smile.


Not sure it’s for you? What if we let you in on a little secret: When you take the time to do a zero waste laundry, it’s not just the stains you’re removing. There’ll be no more single-use plastics and constant trail of disposable items heading into the trash. Just a pile of clean laundry and an eco-friendly kit waiting for the next load.


We think of it as the quick and easy way to add a little sustainable laundry detergent to your day, so why not give it a go? We’ve even thrown in some wool dryer balls to make you smile


One thing is for sure, once you notice the difference you’ll never go back!



Here’s what you get:

  • Net Zero Strips (64 loads) – liquid-less detergent that cleans efficiently, suitable for sensitive skin, and vegan friendly
  • Wool Dryer Balls (6 pack) – handmade reusable dryer balls that reduce drying time by 25%

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