Zero-Waste Baking

Our top-rated baking mats and muffin cups have returned.

Not all silicone is created equal.

FDA Approved Silicone

FDA approved silicone means your product is free from chemicals and fillers that prevent silicone’s resistance to heat and durability. These harmful chemicals can leach out of the silicone, potentially being a health hazard.

We’re giving you the comfort that our products are food-safe for stress-free cooking.

Put your oven to good use.

Keep your garbage empty.

Curb your single-use waste concerns with these long-lasting alternatives. They're easy to swap with less earth-friendly products and we'll help you keep them out of landfills at their end-of-life.

Together, we'll create a more sustainable future.

Featured Swap

Zero Waste Baker's Bundle

Make treats that much sweeter as you kiss waste AND toxins goodbye!

From Baking To Storing:
The All-In-One Sustainable Swap

A must-have for bread bakers, cupcake connoisseurs, pastry professionals, and everyone in between, this 24-piece plastic-free bakeware set contains nonstick, BPA free, and non-toxic baking tools that can be reused over and over!

This set is free from bleach, dioxins, and other toxic chemicals commonly found in traditional baking paper, cupcake liners, and other baking products. Plus, because this bundle is dishwasher safe you’ll NEVER have to waste precious time on cleanup!