Bamboo Soap Dish - Compostable Dish for Shampoo Bars and Soap

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Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa with this sustainable shower staple!


So, you’ve already swapped liquid soap in wasteful plastic containers for bar soap? Bravo, eco warrior! Now you’ll need an eco-friendly soap dish to preserve your favourite soap and shampoo bars

Our bamboo soap dish keeps your countertops and bathroom surfaces squeaky clean from soap residue. Not only that, but it will ensure your shampoo and soap bars last as long as possible by giving them a safe place to dry!



The best parts?

  • 100% bamboo & biodegradable
  • Simple, elegant design
  • Your shampoo bar’s BFF
  • Extends the life of your soap (no sogginess!)
  • Soap won’t slip or slide away



To reduce cracking, avoid submerging the soap dish fully in water.


Compostable Bamboo Soap Dish with shampoo and conditioner bars
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