Dear Non-Profit Professionals,

We want to give your organization self-adhesive reinforced kraft tape at a highly discounted rate.

Our kraft tape on hand ended up not aligning with our mission of a plastic-free tape, as it is reinforced with fiberglass and coated with a plastic film. While it lives up to it’s durable claims, we do not feel right making a profit off these tapes.

Our ethos is to make less waste.

The worst way to get rid of our remaining inventory is to dispose of it. In light of our customers that have been happy with the tapes’ performance, we decided to make them available for businesses to use.

We’d like to make sure they’re going to organizations that would use them within the next year.

Hand Using Kraft Tape On Box For Demonstration GIF


Each roll is 164ft / 50m long.

There are three variations: marine, floral, and plain.

Please see the data sheet here.


Thin: $0.5/unit
Wide: $1/unit
Bundle: $2/unit

Please see the packing information here.

Net Zero Co. - Silicone Takeback Program - How It Works.

We have tape ready to ship in Illinois, USAOntario, CA, and Shenzhen, CH.

Kraft Tape Inquiry Form

Please kindly fill out the form below if you’d like to make use of these self adhesive tapes for packing small goods and gifts in your organization.

We will get in touch with you shortly about availability and shipping.