Dear [CEO or decision maker name],

The [XYZ industry] produces [XYZ] percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. [Insert another relatable statistic in the industry]. As a longtime customer of your company, when I learned about these issues, I looked to see if your company had developed a plan to address the environmental impacts. I was disappointed to see you had not. 

It is important, now more than ever, that your company takes accountability to eliminate [issue you are writing about]. As a major leader in [XYZ] industry, your company has the potential to lead industry-wide change.

I am writing to ask your company to commit to sustainability goals. I want to see your company become zero waste and make more products that support these efforts. [Name other ways the company can take action towards bringing zero waste, compare to other names in the industry if applicable]

I would love to keep buying from you, but my continued support will depend on how you choose to take action moving forward. [If you work in an industry related to what you're writing about Include something like, e.g. as a leader in XYZ industry, your company should prioritize becoming an example as well]

Thank you,

[Your Name]