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Meet The Net Zero Co. Team

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We plan, create, operate, and reflect through the lens of our values.


To provide a pleasant experience.


To make complex easy.


To evolve with the times.


To differentiate.


To cultivate a community-oriented culture.


To be universally and continually relevant.

Digital Media Rockstar


Maiysha is a queen when it comes to getting creative and getting crafty with her hands. She’s not afraid to get them dirty (don’t worry, it’s just cornstarch 😉)!

Our goal is to get her the golden ticket so she can visit Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one day. Please email us if you find one.


Being a legend (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C), crocheting, and speaking two Filipino dialects.


Pop songs (high chance of singing along any given T-swift song), pesto on rice, and great secondhand finds.

Film Recommendation

Jane Goodall: The Hope

business development opportunity magnet


Whether it’s talking about fantasies of spending the night in a Castle or feeling grief about the 0.001% chance of ever tasting his fave pad krapow again (shoutout to his old colleague’s wife), Scott’s blistering mindset always leads him to great stories.

Did you know his dog, Gus, is dress-up king? Probably styled by his partner in crime, Emily.

On route to writing an epic 400 page action novel, knowing enough Spanish to be dangerous, and annihilating his legs and back while working out.

All things disco and funk, cheesecake, and airfryers (sorry Emily).

Film Recommendation

My Octopus Teacher

Customer care & community cheerleader


If Nat’s not expressing her makeup artistry to a lucky bride, she’s probably experimenting with homemade recipes. When life gives her lemons, she squeezes them all in her Greek food. It’s all about the tang.

Well, either that, or she’s sleeping and dreaming about being in a scene from Bridge To Terabithia.

Makeup, appreciating a good margarita pizza, and understanding Italian then responding in English.

Popcorn with tabasco, Small Victory, and overpriced vanilla almond lattes.

Film Recommendation

Plastic Recycling is an Actual Scam



If Amy’s missing, she’s probably exploring the beautiful BC mountains on two wheels or discovering things in an off beaten track.

Her goal is to find the best (ethically produced) coffee in the world with #teamNetZero

Being down to earth, dad jokes, and anything spicy.

Baking, music (EDM, hip hop, classical, Latin music - will probably have to ask Scott what the lyrics mean though), and cat feet.

Film Recommendation

The Biggest Little Farm

Customer Care & blog wordsmith


In an alternate universe, Mica is her spirit animal, the turtle. Majestic and resilient. Coming from the East, she’s used to the harsh weather and probably ready to take on any challenge.

PS. Ask for her black bean taco recipe. You’re welcome.

Vibing with the VanCity rain, nature photography and a day trip to Humble Roots & Golden Ears.

Christmas carols in July, intermediate snowboard runs (watch out, Black Diamond), and her pup, Pais.

Film Recommendation

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet

Product & logistics brains


It won’t take you very long to realize that Catt’s name is intentional with the feline species in mind. His sleep schedule is one like a cat. Though, he butts heads with the company cat, Miss Tofu, more often than he’d like.

Why? Catt’s allergic to cats.

Fixing computers and cars & driving stick around towns in BC.

Restaurant coasters, the sound of mechanical keyboards, and Pizza Hut. #advocate

Film Recommendation

One Way to Deal With CO2? Reuse It

As Seen In #pets-of-net-zero

The ones who remind us not to take things too seriously!

Together, we can make an impact every day!