Dear Net Zero Fam,

We’ve messed this up, but we can also put it right…

We’re writing this with a heavy heart after finding out something about our kraft tapes.

 From the moment we opened our doors for business and introduced you to our brand, we’ve worked and worked to ensure we are on the path to doing the right thing. Making those all-important little choices that quickly add up to make massive differences is something we’ve agonized over every step of the way, and we’ve always made sure we gave it our very best. That’s why when we found out what we’re about to share with you, it upset us, kept us up at night, and then lit a fire inside that’s made us determined to put things right.

You see, despite our best efforts and undying passion for what we do, we fell short. On January 25, 2021, we were made aware that the kraft tape we had in stock was NOT completely compostable or biodegradable. It shocked us to the core because we’d spent so much time and effort sourcing a supplier who knew their tape inside out, and we honestly thought we’d found them. Unfortunately, there is a degradable film and fiberglass which stop us from fulfilling our mission and making the world a better place.

We could sit here and write an angry letter about a supplier who went rogue, or did this and that, but we know that’s just not what you want to hear. All you want are answers and eco-friendly solutions, so we’ll focus on providing them instead. We’re going to strengthen our resolve to resist the world of single-use plastics, and we’re going to create an even greener future with you by our side.

If you have some of our tape, you can still recycle it with your brown boxes and the non-biodegradable parts will be automatically removed during the recycling process. We’ve double and triple checked this side of things, and want you to be able to sleep easy knowing that we have everything covered.

 When we first found out it was tempting to throwaway our entire inventory of tape, but then that would just create even more waste. That’s why we’ve decided to put it all to good use while ending our relationship with the manufacturer right away. We’re also busy creating a brand new 100% biodegradable and compostable tape adorned with the same playful designs we know you love.

Being transparent and doing the right thing matters now more than ever, so if there’s anything else you would like to know, all you have to do is ask.

With gratitude,

The team at Net Zero Co.