Reusable Boba Wear for Bubble Tea Shop Owners

Make More Money And Improve Your Brand’s Image

At The Same Time

Ultra-High Quality, Affordable & Reusable Boba Tea Straws and Cups Allow You To Upsell Customers And Reduce Your Waste To Zero

reusable bubble tea straw for boba retailers


Believe it or not, only stocking single-use cups and straws could be eating into your business. The reason why is simple: with each passing day, consumers are becoming more and more environmentally-conscious.

One of the biggest hot-button issues in the environmental world is single-use plastics, especially straws because they harm ocean wildlife.

You might not hear it directly from your customers, but don’t you think it is at least possible some of them don’t drink as much boba tea as they’d like, because they feel guilty for the waste?

Net Zero Boba Tea Supplies Allow You To Add A Better Sense Of Goodwill To Your Store, And Make More Profit

eco friendly boba ware for Bubble tea shop owners


Net Zero Co. was founded with a simple mission: create a clear path for a zero-waste lifestyle in every part of the world, including boba tea shops.

When you stock our high-quality boba tea straws and cups:

  • You’ll feel more purpose within your business, driven the good you’re doing in the world
  • Your brand will gain a stellar reputation as “the hip, eco-friendly” boba tea store
  • You’ll be able to make an additional sale when each new customer buys a reusable cup from you!

It’s a Win-Win-Win! Let’s face it, with all the amazing benefits you gain from stocking these reusable products, the price is secondary to the value! Especially with your wholesale pricing and markup.

Ready to improve your business and customer satisfaction?


reusable bubble tea straws for boba shops

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