Silicone Sealer Swap In 3 Years

Taking a longer-term look at a simple swap for zip seal bags looks miniscule on a daily basis. Zooming out gives you perspective on the type of impact small everyday choices can make.

Yesterday was the second best time. Today is the best day to commit to a new habit!

Net Zero Fam Knows Best

Pack a punch with your lunch

Pack my lunch and snacks in these reusable bags and I can save money and the planet ! Seriously ever little bit helps when it comes to reducing our land fills and eliminating plastic waste!

- Nicole D.

Choose To Reuse & Refuse Single-Use Anywhere

With new policies to ban throwaway cups, containers, and utensils–and even charging a fee in some municipals, bringing your own is a no-brainer.

In Vancouver, every one-use cup is charged $0.25. If you drink a cup of joe every morning, that’s an additional $91.25 out of your pocket and into the landfill.

Net Zero Fam Knows Best

Save money & the environment

I’m usually very skeptical when I purchase random products online. But I have to admit this is one of the best products I have purchased recently. I love the idea of reusing these to remove make-up etc. I have washed and reused them a few times now and they still look brand new.

- Colleen C.

Opt For Reusables Whenever Possible

Often, low-budget items such as cotton rounds are overlooked. It costs a few dollars every few months to replace a pack of disposable cotton pads.

When we think about the environmental impact of producing cotton (it requires a ton of water and chemicals!), that cost goes beyond monetary.

When you know better, choose better. Plus, they’re super soft and won’t leave any cotton remnants on your face.

What will you do with all the money you now saved?

Saving $1,000 per year (probably an understatement) from conscious consumption, you could instead obtain:

🎰 1,000 chances to win the lottery

🏰 10 years of Netflix or Disney+ (Hello, Aladdin on repeat)

🐕 3 rescue dogs

Saving yourself from constantly restocking and buying the next thing that comes out means that you’ll have more time, money, and energy for the experiences you want to share and memories you want to create with the people you love.

Ready To Swap & Save?

Choose win-wins for your lifestyle and environment. Feel good about your daily choices with Net Zero Co.

Tree planted for your order. Shipped carbon-neutral. 90-day money-back guarantee.