Silicone Takeback Program

When reusing isn't an option.

Our silicone products can be recycled via TerraCycle.

We put care into the making of our product, so why shouldn’t we make sure the care is extended to our products’ end of life?

Finding silicone recycling in local facilities can be tricky.

Return any well-used silicone product and let us recycle it for you.

This includes silicone sealers, stretch & seal lids, baking mats & cups and coffee mugs.

Update: We've updated our program! Contact us to return any silicone: from another company, chewed up by your dog, or picked up from the neighborhood.

How does the Silicone Takeback Program work?

1. Email us at

2. We’ll email you a pre-paid return label.

3. Pack your silicone product(s) in a box and ship it over to our warehouse.

4. Leave it with us to recycle it with Terracycle.

We know it’s easier to throw something away than to take the extra step to recycle a product.

For going the extra mile with us, we’ll send you a free gift with your next order. We’ll email you the code!

Contact Us

Got questions? Please reach out to our customer care team at

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