Data from around the world reveals the same patterns when it comes to plastic pollution patterns.

Start here and find a swap to make a small changes that make a big impact. Let's keep plastic out of our oceans!


Cigarette butts make their way through drains and gutters and into the ocean. Animals mistake them for food and ingest them, along with the toxins.

Food Wrappers / Containers

Most of these wrappers and containers will take centuries to break down into smaller pieces, and eventually end up on the ocean floor.

Beverage Bottles / Lids

20,000 plastic bottles are bought every second. Let that sink in for a minute.

Bottle caps are small enough to be swallowed whole by birds or sea animals.

Plastic Bags

Sea animals are regularly found to be tangled up in plastic bags and consumed. Commonly made of LDPE, it’s not an easy material to recycle.

Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives And Spoons

Used for a meal, lasts for a lifetime (and beyond). Plastic cutlery is hard to recycle due to its size and weight. Even worse, they made this top five list!

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