4 Pack Compostable Zero Waste Corn Floss Refill

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Keep your favorite floss full and gums ultra-healthy and clean with this budget friendly Biodegradable Zero Waste Corn Floss Refill!


You spoke. We listened. And thus our highly anticipated vegan and plastic free dental floss refills were born!

Perfect for those looking to maintain a minimal waste lifestyle and practice responsible oral hygiene, these biodegradable floss refills allow you to get maximum mileage out of any floss

A great alternative to dental floss, these refills are made entirely from corn and are even free from silk!

With a gentle texture that provides a thorough clean without irritating gums, you’ll love having these backups on hand to stick into your Net Zero Co. floss glass bottles or similarly shaped floss dispensers.


Flossome facts:

  • 4 pack of plastic-free floss inside compostable bag
  • Length of floss measures 33 yards /30 metres
  • Lightly spearmint flavored
  • Candelilla wax (plant-based) coated
  • Vegan friendly & dentist friendly
  • Just works! On tight gaps, sensitive gums, and unpleasant breath


Note: This product is final sale due to the nature of the product.


corn floss refill 4 pack lifestyle in bathroom insert - 1000 x 1000

To refill floss, pull from the string end in the middle, not the string end from the side!


corn floss refill 4 pack lifestyle in bathroom - 1000 x 1000


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