Self Adhesive Kraft Tape - Reinforced Brown Paper Tape

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We messed up big time, Net Zero Fam.


Our mission is to provide sustainable daily essentials. While the intent of this product was to replace the need for plastic tape, the inventory we have purchased does not meet this standard.

We discovered that our kraft tapes are reinforced with quartz glass, which is made of almost pure silica. The top of the tapes are lined with compound rubber, which is made of the addition of elements to raw rubber in order to achieve the desired properties. While the tape is not toxic, it is not compostable.

Disposing or burning our remaining stock would cause more environmental damage than is needed. In light of our customers that have been happy with the tapes’ performance, we decided to make them available on our website for a fraction of the cost.

We will not be making any profit from these tapes but we hope the homes they’re going to will put them to use. You are welcome to add up to 5 units to your order.

We’re working hard to develop the tape we intended to in the first place, and we hope to bring this to life soon. Please count on us to continue improving our service to you.



We're sticking with these details

  • Available in 2 widths
    • 24 mm / 0.94 in
    • 48 mm / 1.9 in
  • Length of each roll is 50 m / 164 ft
  • Reinforced with fiberglass
  • Self-adhesive, so you can use it right away and not worry about activating the seal with water


End of life


Brown Paper Tape  Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape  Self Adhesive

kraft tape self adhesive biodegradable brown paper tape floral print net zero co

Brown Paper Tape  Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape  Self Adhesive


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