Self Adhesive Kraft Tape - Reinforced Brown Paper Tape

  • $13.99

With our Brown Paper Packing Tape, you can enjoy all of the adhesive power of traditional tape without putting our planet in a sticky situation. 


Functional, beautiful, and strong, our Kraft Paper Tape is the ultimate must-have for moving, wrapping, home offices, and so much more! But don’t let it’s darling design fool you… if you can tape it, this reinforced paper tape can hold it!

Available in 2 sizes, you’ll be able to choose a tape that’s right for your needs. From simply keeping around the house for repairing torn documents and sealing envelopes, to securing even the heaviest of boxes for moving day… this tape is as tough as it is adorable.



We're sticking with these details

  • Available in 2 widths
    • 24 mm / 0.94 in
    • 48 mm / 1.9 in
  • Length of each roll is 164 m / 500 ft
  • Self-adhesive, so you can use it right away and not worry about activating the seal with water
  • Recyclable


End of life

  • Please dispose with trash or recycle the tape with paper materials. Do not add the tape to your compost.


Brown Paper Tape  Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape  Self Adhesive

kraft tape self adhesive biodegradable brown paper tape floral print net zero co

Brown Paper Tape  Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape  Self Adhesive


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