Balanced and cleaner hair without compromise.

This vegan solid shampoo bar is formulated with amino acid-rich ingredients that remove buildup and promote keratin production, leaving hair feeling light, strong, and healthy. 

1 bar = 2 plastic bottles. Who said you can't have great hair and save the planet?

Shampoo Bar - Zero Waste Concentrated Shampoo


Plants a Tree

Happiness Guaranteed

Carbon Neutral

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Why You'll Love It
Care & How To Use

Why You'll Love It

Formulated with quinoa protein

Quinoa is full of the amino acids our hair needs for strength, elasticity, and resilience. Suitable for all hair types.

Easy to use and rinses well

Lathers up nicely and rinses away without leaving any residue–leaving hair feeling clean and soft.

A little goes a long way

This plant-based concentrated bar formula packs a rich punch. Replaces 2 plastic bottles!

Sustainably Made in Small Batches

Our hair bars are artisan-made in small batches, using low energy processes. Made in Canada.

Featured Net Zero Fam Review

The best shampoo bar I've tried!

I've been trying a few different brands and they took for ever to soap up or didn't lather so I gave up. Got one as a sample in a Net Zero box and it is great! I want to try the Mint bar now. Getting one for a friend to break the plastic habit.

- Beth

How We Compare

. Net Zero Co. Shampoo Bar Typical Shampoo Brand 'L' Brand 'E'
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Made in North America New Zealand
No Artificial Coloring Added Pigments
No Artificial Fragrance Essential Oil Only Added Fragrance
Quinoa Protein

Looking for the perfect hair care power duo?

Our effective formulas produce a thick lather and nourish hair to make switching to a zero-waste hair care routine a breeze.

If you already use hair bars, you’re in luck–experience yourself why our customers are switching to our bars for good!