Large Canvas Tote Bag with Pockets

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With all of the Space and None of the Waste, Our Large Organic Canvas Tote Bag with Pocket Slits Provides Plenty of Room for All Your Groceries!


Is there anything worse than bringing home a full week’s worth of groceries only to discover your jars have broken, eggs have cracked, and bread has gotten smooshed?
Fortunately, with our generously sized Large Canvas Tote Bag with Pockets, you’ll have ample room for safely storing and stashing all your food!
This reusable grocery bag features 6 large pockets slits, you’ll be able to store bananas, glass items, and any other fragile items without the fear of breakage or items becoming ruined.
And with a darling minimalist design, this tote looks adorable as it spreads awareness and promotes a switch away from one time use plastic and paper bags.
Plus, with a heavy duty design and high quality construction, this printed cotton tote bag is sure to last as you bring it along to the grocer, farmer’s market, beach days, picnics, and anywhere else!

Once you choose this bag, you’ll never go back… Here’s why we love them:
  • Each bag replaces countless single-use bags from pollution and entering our landfills
  • Constructed of 12oz thick & durable organic cotton with reliable stitching, it feels so much better than flimsy plastic bags!
  • Has 6 inner pockets so you can keep your glassware from clanking or your bread from squishing from your bananas
  • Straps are long enough to lug heavy groceries over the shoulder comfortably
  • Lowkey & simple, but powerful artwork on each bag to encourage reusables! Go you.

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