Our story

Why We Exist

It all started with one straw...

Because small daily changes make a big impact over time.

2018 | The turtle

The Story of Net Zero

I started Net Zero Co. after watching a video of a turtle with a straw stuck in its nose. A memory of the video looped in my mind as I was sipping from a plastic straw, sitting across from a beach.

How could we be trashing the very things we love so much? Luckily, something CAN be done, without sacrificing much.

I hope we’ll inspire you to thrive on your eco journey.

With gratitude,
Amy Kim

Founder & Kiwi Advocate

2021 | The pandemic

The Story of Basic Goods

When the pandemic struck, founder Shannon O’Reilly faced isolation at home with her three young children, all rambunctious boys. She was frustrated to truly see the number of single-use household products they used for simple, everyday tasks. She knew that there must be a better way.

This led her to multiple websites, researching alternatives for all those throwaway items, and she realized many other households faced this same dilemma, and likely discovered just how difficult it was to find high-quality, reusable or zero waste options at fair prices from one place. This was the birth of the Basic Goods Trading Company.

Serendipity happens in 2023

Net Zero Co. & Basic Goods Trading Co. joined forces with Tru Earth

Offering a wider variety of sustainable daily essentials under the Eco-Collective at Tru Earth.

Small changes make big differences.

We exist to offer non-toxic products made with sustainable materials, designed to last. Helping people divert plastic everyday is how we know we succeeded. Join us today!