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We put care into every step we take.

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A World Thriving Net Zero

We all have a duty to create a better, more livable tomorrow. A world Net Zero maintains balance between greenhouse gases released and removed in the atmosphere.

As conscious individuals, we can choose to take actions that preserve nature’s CO2 sinks, such as our forests and oceans.


To Propel The Low Waste Lifestyle

We have a mission to empower a movement towards sustainability and make earth friendly products the norm.

Switching to reusable everyday essentials helps preserve the environment. This helps us save the protectors of the ocean, marine life - who ingest harmful microplastics by mistaking plastic as food.

We also help reduce pollution from landfills with overflowing plastic waste that will not decompose for centuries.

We have a big mission but we believe that:

Every journey begins with small steps.

Our Products

Our Design

Discover the 9 key elements of Net Zero Co. product design.

Our Makers

Learn more about who makes our products and our manufacturing methodology.

Our Materials

View our product material breakdown and the ingredients we banned from using in our products.

Our Local Impact


The Driving Force

A world thriving Net Zero needs a team driving a mission to be the force for good.

When we face challenges, we rise and face them together. When we face victories, we let loose and cherish them together!


A Warm Invitation To Low Waste Living

We invited our neighbourhood and shoppers at a nearby grocery store to join our Zero Waste Starter Guide.

It’s a 10-month free resource to help get anyone started on building long-term sustainable habits.


Spreading Local Awareness

We got out into the heart of Vancouver, BC, and invited our community to take a “Plastic Pop Quiz”.

We shed light on single-use plastics, flawed recycling systems, and simple solutions.


Recycle Silicone With Our Takeback Program

We collect well-used silicone to recycle via Terracycle.

The materials will be cleaned and ground into a powder that’s remade into products such as silicone-based glues and track ground covers.

Our Remote Impact

Attentive Manufacturing Methodology

Our suppliers must pass our factory audit checks and comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

It covers a wide range of topics, including: labor rights, environmental regulations, and tracability. We plan on continually improving this.

Carbon Neutral Inbound And Outbound Shipping

We offset our emissions from shipping by purchasing carbon credits alongside each order.

CarbonFund restores the world’s forests, and invests in renewable energy along with energy efficiency projects to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Reducing Road Time With Canadian Fulfillment

Our main fulfillment happens in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2022, we’ve started shipping our Canadian orders from Vancouver, BC. This has reduced shipping distance and carbon footprint, increased delivery speed by 20%, and foregone any duties for Canadians.

Planting Native Trees In Deforested Areas

Eden Reforestation Projects is a nonprofit NGO that works in developing countries to rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation and provide jobs that support these communities.

Together, we’ve planted 126,346 trees and supported 1,274 work days (and counting!).

Partnering With Do-Good Organizations

Our Giving Campaigns the word on what amazing organizations and donate 10% of sales on behalf of our customers. Win-win!

Some of the organizations we’ve supported include: Plastic Bank, Coalition for Rainforest Nations, Plastic Free July, and The Pearl Protectors.

The Evergreen: A Carefully Curated Monthly Newsletter

At the end of each month, we send out eco-content to help educate, inspire and (hopefully) entertain you.

The Evergreen educates on new sustainable breakthroughs, calls to action on petitions and events, and shares exclusive tidbits on what the Kiwi team is up to.

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Our Misses


Self Adhesive Kraft Tape

Our mission is to provide sustainable daily essentials. While the intent of this product was to replace the need for plastic tape, the inventory we have purchased does not meet this standard.

We are so grateful of the understanding feedback from our community. In preparation for our second version, we’ve invited a group of our kraft tape buyers to participate in our Kraft Tape V2 Insider Program.

We hope that the feedback we’ve gotten in our first round, along with the comments from our Insiders will help shape the best plastic-free tape!


Compostable Bin Liners

Our BPI certified compostable bags have a shelf life of 12 months. Biodegradable bags are relatively fragile; however, near the end of it’s life, we noticed that they were tearing easier than they should.

We were not able to meet the volume of stock that we carried, leaving 475 small and 252 medium bags to be composted at the end of their shelf life.

In our next iteration, we will stay mindful of our demand and expiry date, and adjust volume accordingly.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Goals by 2025.

We want to make small changes that make a profound impact on our world. To do that, we find ourselves surrounded big, audacious goals. We're being the change, alongside you.

Product: Development

Develop completely paper recyclable kraft tape for our customers and partners, verified by recycling facilities in key customer cities. Acquire appropriate third-party certifications.

Continually build on customer feedback and redevelop any products with a sub-four-star rating.

Product: Materials

Use >50% post-consumer FSC-certified recycled paper content in our packaging.

Turn any wood products into bamboo.

List materials and end-of-life information on packaging like food labels.

Supply Chain: Production

Develop products within North America for at > 50% of new products.

Trace down raw materials for >90% of our products.

Media: Education

Create sharable content that educates, entertains, and inspires strides towards less wasteful lifestyles.

Inspire K-12 education regarding reusables and compostables.

Partnerships: Retailers

Go head-to-head against wasteful "how-we've-always-done-it" big box brands.

Create zero waste isles in grocery stores.

Business Operations

Get B Corp Certified.

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

- Ryunosuke Satoro


Together, we can make an impact every day!

Thank you for all your support since 2018. Shopping with us means that you upgrade your home with sustainable products, and support business that raises awareness and keeps our planet clean.