Our Mission

At Net Zero, our mission is to be a catalyst for change and a driving force in the low waste movement. To help fulfill this vision of a cleaner world, we create items that can replace daily products with reusable alternatives, all while maintaining the convenience and style of these everyday items. This can make a world of a difference.
Our customer’s shared devotion to this mission of creating a cleaner world has inspired us to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects to help plant trees in environmentally and economically challenged countries around the world. For every order you make, we make a meaningful donation to this incredible organization.


plant a tree with Net Zero co

While our goal is to someday be able to help everyone on the planet, we know that dedication and focus are keys to driving meaningful change. In the spirit of this, we concentrate our efforts on certain countries counteract their incredibly tough environmental challenges while also giving the people here the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. The countries include: 

Nepal is a country in South Asia that sits between India and China. It is located mostly in the Himalayan Mountains and is most famous for being home to one of the tallest mountains in the world, Mount Everest. In a nation like Nepal that is underdeveloped and home to a great deal of poverty, the people who suffer most from pollution and environmental degradation are the poor who live in the country’s rural areas. Agriculture constitutes 76% of the employment of Nepal so without a healthy environment, this poverty will only grow. Planting trees to help the poor in Nepal sustain and grow their agriculture is of the utmost importance.
Indonesia is the world’s largest island country that actually consists of an astonishing 17,000 islands. They have also seen an incredible amount of deforestations. They have lost 40% of their forests in the last 30 years and continue to lose 6.2 million acres of forest every year. This deforestation is one of the reasons that 40 million Indonesians are living below the international poverty line. Eden Reforestation Projects works on the island of Biak to help restore some of this lost forest and stem the devastating effects of deforestation. In doing this, Eden has planted over 3 million trees to date. They have also created over 30,000 workdays for these islanders struggling with poverty.
Haiti is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. It is a country with a deep and storied history, wonderful culture and natural beauty. In recent times, it has been most publicized for a devastating earthquake in 2010. For decades though, the country has struggled with another natural crisis, massive deforestation. A number of factors such as most people using charcoal as their main cooking fuel and a lack of governmental protection of their natural resources have led to the loss of a staggering 98% of Haiti’s forests. Planting trees in Haiti means not only restoring the environment but also helping combat the faltering food supply that has come with deforestation.
Since we started our journey- the amount of support we received is simply overwhelming and we would like to say a huge thank you for making our mission possible!
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