Plastic is the most pervasive resource.

It’s polluting the world's oceans and has lasting negative effects on our health. It's our mission to empower a movement towards sustainability and make earth-friendly products the norm.

If you want to take part in the fight against waste but don't know how to get started, we’ve compiled five weeks of zero-waste tips to accelerate your journey.


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Find Your Why

Let's dial in on what's motivating you to start living sustainably. Perhaps you’ve already found your why: you're going zero-waste to reduce single-use plastic in your house. 

We'll empower you to take the next step, tackle eco-guilt, save money and time.


Reduce Food Waste

Whether you're a zero-waste newbie or a seasoned expert, the kitchen is an easy place to continue your eco-journey while making a big impact. 

We'll provide practical tips to master zero-waste grocery shopping and food prep on a budget.


Choose Zero-Waste On-The-Go

Sometimes, convenience and spontaneity compromise our ability to make sustainable choices. Let's uncover the waste associated with take-out, travel and last-minute coffee runs. 

We'll equip you with tips and tricks to live zero-waste on-the-go!


Simplify Self-Care

As consumers, we have the power to research what we’re putting in our bathrooms and on our bodies. We’ll unpack the complexities of sustainable self-care– why the booming $500 billion-dollar industry has become a major source of waste and how you can reevaluate your purchasing habits. 


Reflect On Your Progress

We believe small changes make big differences. 

Your daily efforts to live more sustainably add up over time! If you're anything like us, you might enjoy taking a moment to reflect on your growth and zero-waste wins (big or small)!

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