How We Pack

We ship completely plastic free! Everything is 100% recyclable and 100% home compostable.


What’s up with compostable mailers?
Our mailers are made with a mixture of cornstarch, soy ink, and other plant materials that are fully compostable. You may even use them to line your compost bin! In ideal conditions, the bag will biodegrade in 1-2 months.

How are fragile materials protected during shipment?

Plastic free shipping zero waste shipping Net Zero company

For any orders that require damage protection, we use 100% compostable kraft shreds inside of our boxes.

How are our boxes sealed?
We seal our boxes with paper tape. It is 100% recyclable, compostable, and plastic free.

What can we ask of our customers?
We encourage all of our customers to reuse, compost, or recycle all packing materials.


Thank you for taking the time to care for the details of your order. It's people like you that go the extra mile, that influence and continue to create a positive impact on our world! Stay awesome.