An Eco-Friendly Halloween is Possible!

An Eco-Friendly Halloween is Possible!

Going green can be a particular challenge around the holidays. But if you make the right choices, you can have a great time without harming the planet. Here are the top 7 ways to have a sustainable Halloween this year:


Enjoy a Meal that Warms Your Heart like a Jack-O-Lantern

Whether you are throwing a Halloween party, or enjoying a cozy family night in, having a sustainable Halloween means making the most of the fall harvest. Growing your own food at home is one of the very best steps you can take to live more sustainably. But even if you don't do that, you can still make great choices when you buy fresh, local, organic produce and cook up and prepare your ingredients from scratch. If you are ordering takeout, bring your own containers! Let’s make this the norm.


Make The Most of Your Halloween Pumpkin (& Eliminate Food Waste)

Many people will be carving pumpkins this Halloween. But few will really make the most of them. Don't just buy a large pumpkin, hollow out the centre and throwing the insides away. Instead, choose an organic, edible pumpkin, and carefully remove the seeds. These are delicious coated with a little oil and seasoning of your choice and roasted in the oven. Scrape out the fibrous matter (and put it in your compost) then carefully carve out some of the flesh from inside to eat before you carve the exterior. (You can also eat any sections you carve out.) Try your best not to throw any food away.


Choose Eco-Friendly Options For Halloween Decor

Don't buy plastic tat to decorate your home. This Halloween, make your own décor using recycled materials that might otherwise have been thrown away. Enjoy some fun crafts with your kids. Of course, you can also use pumpkins and other seasonal produce, withered apple heads and other natural decorations like corn dollies to create the right mood.

eco-friendly halloween decorations pumpkin


Make Your Own Halloween Costumes With Pre-Loved Clothes

Rather than buying Halloween costumes made with cheap, synthetic, polluting fabrics, choose pre-loved options instead. Raiding thrift stores and second-hand sales for quirky items can be a great way to create some fun and interesting costumes to wear. You can also use household trash, and other reclaimed items from around your home.

Make Your Own Halloween Costumes


Make Your Halloween Party Zero Waste

If you are entertaining, don't just stop at cooking your own meals and snacks. You can also go further to make sure your event is zero waste. Don't buy any items that come wrapped in plastic, and choose reusable or compostable plates and cups.

zero waste halloween


Make Your Own Sweet Treats For Trick or Treat Visitors

Rather than buying in candy wrapped in plastic, consider making your own sweet treats for little visitors. Make your own candies, cookies or cakes to hand out. You can consider healthier options too – like Mandarin oranges decorated with Jack o'Lantern faces.

Make Your Own Sweet Treats For Trick or Treat Visitors


Recycle Halloween Candy Wrappers

No matter how good you are being about not buying plastic wrapped candies, you can't control what other people hand out. If your kids come home from trick or treating with piles of plastic wrapped candies, don't just throw them away to end up in landfill. Check out to see how you can send them away for recycling. Alternatively, seek out craft projects that will allow you to recycle them at home.

 Recycle Halloween Candy Wrappers 


Thank you for taking the time to be mindful about your waste during the October festivities. The team at Net Zero wishes you a safe and spooky Halloween!

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