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Are Bamboo Cotton Buds Biodegradable? (And Can You Recycle Them?)

Cotton buds are a popular way to clean your ears because they're easy and readily available, but do you know if they are healthy for the Earth? The answer may surprise you.

In this post will be considering some pertinent questions on whether or not single use cleaning tools like cotton swabs (or buds) have any harmful side effects when disposed of in landfills.

Can cotton buds be planet friendly? This is a question that many people ask. It's not always easy to find the answer, so we decided to research for you! If you want to know more about cotton buds, their alternatives, and recycling process- read on!

What is in a Bamboo Cotton Bud?

Bamboo cotton buds are made of bamboo and soft, absorbent cotton. Bamboo is one type of grass that can grow quickly in different areas around the world without the need for fertilizers or pesticides.

Bamboo plants will naturally decay when left to its own devices; it's not like plastic which takes hundreds of years to break down (if at all). So because bamboo breaks down easily, so do bamboo products like our cotton buds. This means they too are eco-friendly as well as planet friendly!

eco-friendly cotton buds

Are Bamboo Cotton Buds Biodegradable?

Bamboo is a natural plant that can be grown quickly and easily. They use only bamboo, which basically means the bamboo bud itself will naturally decompose over time. You may have thought that because they are made of bamboo then it would take forever for them to break down but luckily this isn't true! It's also good news as other products such as plastic cotton buds remain in landfills for decades before being recycled or decomposed. Plus there’s no need to worry about your kids chewing on these non-toxic bamboo ear swabs either!

It is important to note that although the buds themselves may be biodegradable, the packaging for the item could be made from non planet friendly materials like plastic. Ensure you buy your household goods from eco-friendly stores!

How Do You Recycle Bamboo Cotton Buds?

Unfortunately, cotton buds are not recyclable, even those with bamboo stems. They can cause blockages and pollute the environment by getting stuck in toilets - never flush them!

However, recycling your bamboo cotton buds is easy if you live near a specialist recycling facility - many councils now have bamboo recycling bins. If you don't have access to a bamboo recycling facility, then some stores who sell bamboo products will be more than happy to take back your cotton buds for you!

Are Bamboo Cotton Buds Safe?

Bamboo is an organic plant which means it's even safe enough to eat - however there are no health benefits of eating them so please don't! The bamboo used in bamboo cotton buds is usually 100% natural and biodegradable so nothing unnatural remains on the bud when it breaks down - only pure water enters into our waterways with absolutely no fertilizers or pesticides left behind. This makes bamboo cotton buds planet friendly (plastic-free yay) too!

bamboo cotton buds

Should I Stop Using Plastic Cotton Swabs?

Yes! It is very bad for the environment to use plastic cotton swabs. If you’re looking for bamboo alternatives, bamboo ear swabs are a great alternative as they can be disposed of in regular rubbish bins rather than recycling ones . Plus if bamboo is harvested responsibly (and always will be because it grows so fast), then there won't even be any fertilizers or pesticides left over after harvesting either - making bamboo cotton bud planet-friendly too!

How do I get Planet Friendly Bamboo Ear Swabs? 

The Basic Goods Trading Company sells affordable, high quality bamboo cotton buds made with sustainably sourced cotton and certified organic materials. Worry not, they are packaged with 100% biodegradable paper and contains only planet friendly materials. They come in a pack of 200 at just $5.95, so what are you waiting for? Start your eco journey today.

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