Best Sustainable Valentine's Day Ideas For Outdoorsy and Indoorsy Couples (and Singles!)

Best Sustainable Valentine's Day Ideas For Outdoorsy and Indoorsy Couples (and Singles!)

Is it just us or did the holiday season fly by surprisingly fast? Soon we’ll need to put our thinking caps on –yet again– and brainstorm on all the fun and unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s day sustainably. We’d hate to burst your heart-filled bubble, but unfortunately, the chubby guy with the arrows comes with much environmental impact. So before we jump right into the best  Valentine’s Day activities that are anything but boring, let’s get into how wasteful V’day really is. 

Why Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Are So Important?

Let’s not sugarcoat it. According to, $1.7 billion is spent on candy and $2.1 billion will be spent on flowers alone, yet, only a few gift-givers stop to consider the deforestation and additional waste management issues that come along with them. February 14, by itself, represents an increase of 9 million kilograms of CO2, plus everything “normally” released into our atmosphere. 


Balloons, plastic bags, glitter, and small itsy-bitsy decorations


Balloons, plastic bags, glitter, and small itsy-bitsy decorations – no matter the item, the hard reality is that each of them takes about 500 years to degrade. Now let’s not even discuss the aww-inducing flowers that are almost always imported and release thousands of kilograms of CO2 while in transit. So If you're looking to flex your gift-giving skills, why not celebrate Valentine’s day sustainably by choosing to show your appreciation in different ways that are memorable and equally sweat?

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Activities - Outdoors vs Indoors

Rather than mindlessly wrapping up a cheesy, heart-shaped throwaway, opting for a corny talking bear, or purchasing a last-minute, dusty box of chocolates, let’s make a checklist of the best sustainable valentine's day gift ideas and activities for eco-conscious couples. Take it from someone who once received a gym membership gift from a not-so-special someone. Thoughtful and heartwarming ideas will always beat the “foolproof” dull and downright uninteresting offerings. 

Unique Valentines Day Ideas For The Outdoorsy Couple

Take a romantic road trip

Pre-curate your road-trip-worthy playlist and take a scenic drive even if it’s only around your town. There is something so unique about car rides, especially when interesting conversations with that special someone are involved.

Go on a mini-hike


Go on a mini-hike


No matter where you live, chances are that you can find at least one beautiful hiking place to enjoy all the beautiful sights and fresh air. That’s a perfect way to unplug from the internet and immerse yourself in nature. 

Book a spa day for two

With a few candles, massage oil, and some facial masks, Valentine’s day will be a whole lot more relaxing, don't ya think? Make sure to book an appointment at the local spa to treat yourself and your partner to a few hours of relaxation. You won’t only help your body to relax and release built-up stress and tension but also upgrade your mood for what’s about to come next *wink.

Volunteer together

What’s more heartwarming that volunteering together? Find a cause you are both passionate about and sign up to volunteer. You can Visit to find all your local organizations and choose the one you like the most.

Have dinner at a small restaurant

Celebrate Valentine’s day sustainably by ditching fancy restaurants. There are so many small restaurants that get their ingredients from local sources, like nearby farms or farmer's markets. Local foods tend to taste fresher, have more nutrients, and use less packaging. But what we love more is the homely, comfortable atmosphere!

Unique Valentines Day Ideas For The Indoorsy Couple

Enjoy breakfast in bed

What’s a better way to Start the day off than by having an oh-so-romantic Valentine's day breakfast in your PJs? How about delicious scrambled eggs loaded with pico de gallo and pepper Jack cheese? Here’s the recipe. Or maybe Bacon Chive Waffles? Don't forget the champagne!

Exchange love letters


Exchange love letters


Sure, not everyone is an expert at putting into words why their partner means so much to them, but it is definitely worth a try. Time to add sustainable Valentine's day crafts –well, sort of– to the list! It would be best to start writing your love letter ahead of time to have it ready on the 14th. Here is some help – you’re welcome, lovebirds. And remember, beautiful gestures like this one are destined to become keepsakes.

Make a DIY scrapbook of your time together 

Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love. So why not cuddle up and spend an hour or two reminiscing about all the places you've been together and a scrapbook of all of your memories? That’s by far one of our favorite unique valentines day ideas.

Cook dinner together

As they say, the way to a person's heart is through their stomach, and if your case, you are both equally enamored with delicious food. So why not prepare a romantic Valentine's Day dinner together? Bonus points if you try a virtual cooking class to perfect your mouthwatering recipes!

Remember, it’s all about celebrating valentine’s day sustainably, so let’s not cause any more waste! Use silicone reusable food storage bags to safely store all your veggies, bread, and so on, and opt for an eco-friendly food storage alternative to pack what’s left. In case you don’t manage to finish the entire meal –hey, it happens to the best of us— simply place any leftovers in reusable food containers and reheat them the day after.

Have a baking session

Grab your Silicone Baking Mat and show off your pro-level at-home-baking skills together. 


Have a baking session


From peanut butter cookies to gluten-free chocolate cupcakes the options are endless! extra points for anything heart-shaped, duh.

Have a movie marathon

Grab the popcorn and settle in on the couch for an afternoon filled with your all-time-fav movies. They don’t really have to be love-themed, but it definitely helps.  

It’s dinner time!

Open your favorite wine –we’d suggest something from Benziger Family Winery or Ferrari-Carano– and serve the delicious dinner you’ve already prepared together, you deserve it.

What To Do On Valentines Day For Singles

Sure, our favorite sustainable valentine's day gift ideas are not actual presents, but heartwarming experiences. This means that you don’t have to be in a relationship to take advantage of them! Celebrate Valentine’s day sustainably as a single with your best friend, sister, cousin, work buddy, etc by making a few tweaks to our suggestions below.

  • Prepare a mouthwatering breakfast at home for your single friends to enjoy together
  • Take a road trip with your favorite work buddy and get to know each other better
  • Schedule a group hike with your family
  • Have a movie marathon and invite all your single ladies
  • Volunteer and make new friends who share the same passion as you
  • And why not buy yourself a sustainable box of chocolates–because you deserve it!

Volunteer together


The Best Sustainable Valentine's Day Ideas Don’t Have To Be Wasteful

No matter your and your partner’s preferences, there are so many sustainable valentine's day gift ideas that are not centered around physical goods, but heartwarming experiences. Remember, experiences are a part of our being and can never be taken away from us!

 So if you want to celebrate Valentine’s day sustainably, why not do so by choosing some unique valentines day ideas that are anything but cliche and boring? And given that V’day is a celebration of love in all forms recognizing the love between friends, and family and loving yourself, our favorite activities are also ideal for singles – so have fun!

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