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Carbon Neutral: A Project Worth Pursuing

At Net Zero Co, doing better for our planet in small ways everyday is at the core of our mission.

As global temperatures continue to rise, we need to collectively take action to lessen our carbon footprint and reduce the impact we are having on the environment. A carbon footprint calculates the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by our actions. The gases that are released through these activities include carbon dioxide, methane and other gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, causing global warming and myriad of unwanted conditions.


North America has one of the highest rates of carbon footprint per person in the world. Use this calculator to explore what your carbon footprint is.

Small changes over time make big differences. Here are some ideas that could help you start your journey to lessen your impact on the environment.

  1. Drive less. Instead, walk or bike.
  2. Bring your own reusable bag, containers, and jars when you shop.
  3. Reduce your food waste with proper food storage and organization.
  4. Recycle and compost as much as possible.
  5. Explore sustainable hobbies such as gardening or upcycling!


At Net Zero, we realize we also need to do our due diligence to reduce our carbon footprint as an online business. We are very much concerned how global warming is affecting the world and we must act as soon as possible.

With this worry in mind, we have found an organization that supports our vision and values. We have decided to partner up with CarbonFund. By partnering up with this organization, we will be making all of our shipments carbon neutral!


Introducing the Carbon Free Shipping Program

Partnership with CarbonFund for carbon neutral shipments

Carbon Fund is dedicated on fighting global warming by supporting various global projects that are focused on:

Every month, we will be calculating the total miles incurred with shipping. After, Carbon Fund will then determine our total monthly emission, which will then calculate our total offset costs for the month. Whatever the offset cost is that month, we will make the total contribution to to support their various projects.


Carbon free shipping net zero co

We are extremely excited and proud to start this cooperation with Carbon Fund. Now we can all do some non-guilt online shopping at Net Zero!

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