Eco-Friendly Holiday

How to Host an Eco-Friendly Holiday?

The holidays are all about spreading joy to the world. But, it doesn't have to come at the cost of our world. With the right knowledge, community and tool you can plan the perfect eco-friendly holiday!

While it is the happiest season of all, our planet tends to suffer during the holidays. Indeed, every holiday the average Canadian family waste production increases by 25%

Luckily, Eco-Collective is on a mission to slice these statistics, providing you with everyday Basic Goods that will help you reduce and eliminate your carbon footprints. 

Tis’ season go green for the holidays and gift our loved ones a joyous world to live and grow in.

Plan A Sustainable Holiday Party 

Many people are concerned that green products mean that they don't perform in the same quality as commercialized products or that they are simply overpriced. However, planning an eco-friendly holiday doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. 

Undoubtedly, our planet cannot continue to absorb our waste disposal behaviours and the holidays tend to be difficult. Running around the kids, trying to cross off your Christmas list, decorating, cooking… it can get overwhelming. 

But today, there are many resources and amazing products that can make your eco-life simple and effective. 

So, What Can You Do to Reduce Waste During the Holidays?

Reduce Food Waste

Who doesn't love a good holiday feast? While having a holiday with an abundance of food can be exciting this also means an excessive amount of food waste. Food waste results in an immense amount of greenhouse gases that eventually, have a detrimental impact on our environment. Reducing food waste during the holidays is one of the easiest ways to be more eco-friendly during this holiday season. 

Try using the Silicone Fruit & Veggie covers for all of your unused fruits and veggies. Whether it’s half an onion, a slice of an apple from your pie or a piece of lemon, these silicone huggers will help you be more eco-friendly during these holidays.

eco-friendly holiday

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products 

Another critical step you can take to host an eco-friendly holiday is to consider using eco-friendly cleaning products for your post-cooking or post-hosting cleaning festival. For example, by choosing to use a zero-waste dish block you will avoid eliminating plastic use and enjoy a rich soap that doesn't contain harmful chemicals and artificial preservatives that damage your hands. And if you want to take it one step further, consider swapping your dish scrubber with an organic dish brush that is less harmful to our world and oceans and will last you for ages. 

Party Sustainably 

Whether you are hosting for the holidays or being invited to friends and families, dashing through the holidays oftentimes means laundry with your best outfits or might even end up spilling a few drops of wine and gravy on your favourite pants. Go green for this holiday season and eco-swap your big plastic detergent jug for a slik and effective laundry strips. Eco-strips are a simple yet so impactful eco-swap you can take in order to party sustainability during the holidays.

Gift Green 

While your spending hours hunting for the perfect gift, eco-friendly gifts are the best decision for our planet. Furthermore, by buying a sustainable gift you spread the eco-message and encourage your loved ones to join the eco-warrior movement. By doing so you truly and literally embrace the spirit of spreading joy to the world. Instead of another Starbucks gift card or buying Amazon gifts, consider buying meaningful gifts from a small business. Eliminate stress and waste and choose eco-friendly gifts.

Embrace the Essence of the Holidays

Holidays are meant to celebrate and enjoy our life, including the world we live in. So, to truly embrace the spirit, host an eco-friendly holiday this year and do your part in saving our planet. 

save our planet

Going green for the holidays and planning an eco-friendly hosting doesn't have to be difficult. Sometimes the idea of the quest itself is more intimidating than actually exciting your mission. With only a few eco-swaps you can also become a part of the growing community of eco-warriors who do their part in saving our planet. Whether it's by gifting a friend a sustainable gift or committing yourself to try one eco-swap product, going green has never felt so basic and good!

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